My name is Russ. I’m a OMG!!! Bipolar Person. Listen. Let me name drop… Winston Churchill, Mel Gibson, Charlie Chaplin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Dreyfuss, etc… the list goes on. Yes we all have our problems. You watch the news. All these people have done some stupid sh!t….. But we also recuperate and make a meaningful impact on other peoples lives when we recover. It’s up and down. But we always bounce back tenfold and continue to make a positive splash on humanity.

This is what I’m trying to do with this site. I want to create a community of not only bipolar people, but a global community to bring understanding to what “blesses” us brilliant people who are so damn creative. We just need to be able to control, understand, and focus it in a positive philanthropic manner.

This site is part of my therapy…. It’s also part of my new vision…. and its my way of giving back…. Help me out. Get involved. Gain some understanding before you Red Flag us. The stigma HAS to end….

Thanks for your time.


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